fredag, september 10, 2010

Carin Schylberg in The Hall of Great

10/9 2010

I am grateful for my heart. I am grateful for me listening to it. I am grateful for my home. My loving family and friends. Healing water. For loving myself enough to have the courage to move in a direction that scares the sh*t out of me. I am grateful for Jack. I am grateful for love.

Ist of January 2010
This blogger, artist, singer songwriter and fellow human being is a great source of inspiration! Enjoy and BE LOVE!

18th of December 2009
As I walked on the bus the other day, on my way to work, a newspaper was laying on my seat and this caught my eye:

It says that people in Gothenburg want to be of service this Christmas. More people than usual have been calling differerent helporganisations offering to lend a helping hand to those who dont have a home to go to or those who otherwise will spend Christmas alone. Let´s hope this "spirit of giving" stays well beyond Christmas. I hope, no, I believe in my heart that this earth is a loving home. Let´s make it so! After all, giving and receiving is the same.

Today I am grateful for:

The Snow!! I am 6 years old again..

This unexpected Christmas present I received from two very nice people, as a thank you for the work I do.

Inside the card it says " Thank you for all the energy you have been giving us." Well, THANK YOU, it was my pleasure. Actually, I am just a tool...

I am also grateful for this Now moment.. Just me, a candle and a cup of tea.

Remember, Love comes to you, not by needing it, but by giving it away.

25th of November 2009

Min glada nyhet idag är att jag är frisk från den lilla förkylningen som härjade i min kropp förra veckan! Det betyder att jag var tillbaka på arbetet idag, vilket i sin tur betyder att jag har guidat en härlig skara människor i ett Afro Power Dance pass. Tack till er! Det är en sån härlig känsla att se människor släppa loss, skaka sina rumpor, möta sina rädslor och bara ge sig hän. Tack, mig själv, för att jag vågade ta steget att bli Afro instruktör, jag får så mycket glädje, energi och kärlek tillbaka!

Tack också till min vän som skickade mig det här, jag skickar vidare..

My happy news today is that the cold that lived in my body last week has finally left and that means that I was back at work today. Which also means that I gave a class in Afro Power Dance today to an awesome group of people. Thank you! It is such a great feeling to see people dance, shake their booties, face their fears and just let go. Thank you, to myself, for having the courage to become a teacher in Afrodance. I get so much joy, energy and love in return.

Also, thank you to my friend who sent me this today, enjoy..

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