onsdag, juli 01, 2009

Take A Breath DC at WUSA9

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Stopping what you're doing for one moment each day can make the difference in curbing stress, turmoil and even violence.

An international organization called Art of Living says meditation and yoga is a great way to find some peace and live better.

Their message is simple, in order to lessen the amount of stress we face each day, everyone should give breathing exercises and meditation practices like yoga a try.

Art of Living has spread their recipe for finding peace around the world, from Iraq to Russia to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Their latest campaign is called, "Take a Breath DC."

Art of Living Program Director, Rajshree Patel says the way we deal with the turmoil in our lives will impact all are other reactions.

Patel explains, "If you look at the state of the economy, the wars, the violence, everybody is under stress. If we don't address the route cause of stress in the individual it shows up in the family and it shows up in the community."

The Art of Living Foundation's Take a Breath DC campaign offers empowerment programs year round for young people wishing to gain confidence, focus and give back to their local communities and abroad.

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