tisdag, februari 02, 2010

Sharing Life Stories - Thomas Herrmann & Erica Palmcrantz Aziz are living their dreams

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  1. Translation: living my dream (Thomas). I have a dream – and I live that dream and that is a great feeling.
    I have a dream to create opportunities for genuine meetings between people, to give people the opportunity to participate and be able to contribute to a “better world”. That may for example be regarding having a better time in a workplace or serve ones customers or clients in a better way.

    During the 10 years that I’ve developed this work I have so many times seen so many people get empowered. As an example I’d like to share a story from last years when I worked with a very large group. My sponsor called me just a day or so before a large conference quite disturbed or scared as a couple of people had registered for the conference who usually created a mess wherever they were.

    I calmed my sponsor down and said that this meeting format, which also is facilitated in a circle, usually makes people act in different ways compared to how they act when they are “squeezed” – which is what happens in many other situations. This time these two persons stayed longest the first days - they helped to tidy things up after the whole day of work. They were also those who worked hardest at the computer station writing their reports, as they were not so used to using a PC.

    They also stayed the whole two days, some had to leave a bit early, but they stayed on. In the closing circle one of them shared that this was the first meeting he/she had ever been to where people did not fall asleep. They shared other important and powerful words. My sponsor and others who had met these people under other circumstances were quite shocked. This is almost magic one of my sponsors said.

    When these persons were shown respect and could contribute on equal terms they were highly appreciated by others. This is just one example, I’ve noticed many many similar situations during these years – so I am living my dream…


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